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    Ullstein Consulting was formed to provide bespoke consultancy's services to the hospitality, service and real estate industry and its management, providing creative concepts for both existing and forthcoming projects. We are specialized within the ranges of hotels, holiday resorts, vacation real estates and serviced residence market. Whether you are planning the development of a major hotel, vacation resort, serviced residences, or if you simply need a fresh and creative opinion about your business, we and our selective pool of top industry professionals can help you.

    We have professional experience for many years within the range of hotel trade, serviced residences, timeshare resorts and sales and marketing, in enterprises of the Hospitality and service industry operating worldwide, as well as in the Automotive sector. We understand ourselves as a European boutique-consulting firm, and cover thus also the foreign language markets of this branch of industry. Our team is multinational we speak English, Spanish and German.

    Our achievement portfolio is the basis for the solution of extensive tasks of our customers. By ourselves and partners we bring new know-how into the enterprises, create resources and produce free spaces for the advancement.

    Our consulting beginning sets the emphasis apart from the analysis and the conception mainly on the conversion of the necessary measures for reaching the targets. This way, our ideas are convertible and bring a measurable success.

  • Andreas Ullstein

    Andreas Ullstein

    Andreas started his professional career 25 years ago; built in small Luxury Hotels and Michelin Star Restaurants. In senior positions all over Europe such as in Austria, Croatia, Greece, Germany, Italy, Russia, Spain and Turkey he actively gained experiences as international Hotelier developing, opening and operating leading hotels.

    Andreas holds a wealth of experience in developing and implementing Operational Standards as well as developing and monitoring technical & engineering guidelines for hotels, residences and serviced apartments on a corporate level. Apart from that developing and implementing new business concepts for the international hospitality and entertainment industry have been some of his main activities in the past years.

    The Wald & Schlosshotel Friedrichsruhe in Germany, the Restaurant Tantris in Munich, Germany and Kempinski Hotels & Resorts are only some milestones in his career.

    In the year 2000 Andreas founded Ullstein Consulting, a Consultancy entity with international clients in the hotel, residences, timeshare, service and golf industry as well in the entertainment sector. Amongst his clients were e.g. Falkensteiner Hotels & Resorts, the legendary Club de Golf Valderrama in Spain and the global tourism operator TUI with its luxury vacation resort Anfi Del Mar in Spain.

    Further he is founding partner of TMC Partners, a Management & Consulting company focussing on international tourism, leisure and real estate market for hotels, condominiums, residences and serviced-apartments. TMC Partners is specialised in the segment of high end and luxury real estate, developing and managing exclusive living and lifestyle concepts for innovative resort developers and tourism providers around the world. Also TMC Partners was founding shareholder in Kempinski Residences.

    Furthermore he advises numerous Hotel Companies on their international expansion strategy, in order to get recognition into Europe and Asia which translates in numerous leads and project negotiations for their respective Development offices.

    Andreas has always had a great passion for cars and motorsports. Today his passion is almost only with classic cars and their preservation. Therefore, the company has already very early developed and looked after projects in the automotive industry.

    Andreas speaks German, English and Spanish.

  • Services

    Having spent many years working on various Operations Management assignments for a wide range of industries, we have broad experience and are fully familiar with the latest trends and best practices in Operations Management. Additionally by combining our functional Operations Management competencies with specific industry knowledge we are able to serve our clients with customised approaches responding best to their specific requirements and needs.

    We are recognised for our pragmatic and implementation oriented approach leading to a lasting success of the developed concepts. We are proud of the fact that with many of our clients we have established a long lasting relationship and a true partnership working side-by-side with them in developing leading edge solutions.

    Responsibility is called for Ullstein Consulting to fight for the realisation and success of your project, including sourcing a competent operator or new properties for your portfolio where required.

  • Areas of Consultancy

    Tourism and Leisure Projects

    • City & Resort Hotels
    • Golf Courses or Golf Clubs, Tennis and Sport Complexes
    • Clubs and Event Projects
    • Destination Spas, Day Spas, Wellness Centres
    • Mixed-use Vacation Resorts
    • Ski / Winter Sports Resorts

    Residential Real Estate Projects

    • Horizontal & Vertical, Serviced Residence Projects
    • Serviced Apartments
    • Vacation Homes
    • Master Planned Communities
    • Mixed-use Development with Hotel and Residential Components

    Automotive Projects

    • Stores and Workshops
    • Clubs and Organizations

    Projects since 2000 (by country):

    Austria, Croatia, England, France, Germany, Greece, Indonesia, Italy, Kazakhstan, Malta, Morocco, Norway, Oman, Qatar, Russia, Switzerland, Slovakia, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, USA, United Arab Emirates

  • Consultancy Services

    Concept Development and Project Definitions

    • Concept Development
      • Concept development and definition of the project's best use and vision
      • Development of the physical concept
      • Creation of Masterplan Concept
      • Study of preliminary general massing concepts
      • Financial concept, product and sub-product definitions, business modelling
      • Sales and Marketing Concept Outline
      • F&B Concept Outline
      • Definition of market positioning
      • Definition of Communication Concept for the target market
      • Product differentiation proposition
    • Project Definitions
      • Architectural, Technical, Landscaping and Interior Design Guidelines and Specifications
      • Space Program and Flow Charts
      • Technical Equipment performance criteria
      • Assessment and Incorporation of Brand / Operator specific design criteria

    Design Management and Design Development Coordination

    • Coordination of the selection and contracting process of Designers and Technical Advisors (Architects, Interior Designers, Lighting Consultants, Mechanical Consultants, Landscape Designers, etc.)
    • Coordination of Designers and Technicians with an operational and sales & marketing perspective during design development phase
    • Assessment and Incorporation of Brand / Operator specific design criteria with an operational and cost control perspective

    Project Development Coordination

    • Supervision of Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical, Interior Design, Landscaping and Infrastructure
    • Development of Fixture, Furniture & Equipment (FF&E) lists
    • Determination of FF&E specifications and provision of technical support in material selection
    • Review and approval of design guidelines, technical specifications and other (brand-) standards and design criteria
    • Evaluation of drawings (architectural, interior design and technical)
    • Review and approval of all other drawings and documentation (e.g. architecture, landscaping, MEP, Signage, etc.) at all design phases
    • Monitoring the quality of work and adherence to the approved project scope and the specific brand's design guidelines
    • Coordination and interaction with all relevant parties, specialists and consultants during regular site-inspections throughout the design and construction phases

    Sourcing Partnership

    • Searching for potential JV Partners and coordinating negotiation process
    • Technical support in establishment of agreements, negotiations and discussions

    Project Acquisition

    • Definition of criteria for the search (category, management, lease or equity participation etc.)
    • Proposition of potential projects
    • Support in developing of agreements, negotiations and discussions

    Brand and Management Integration

    • Searching for possible Brand and/or Management, Lessee or Management for Projects
    • Supervision and Coordination of the Brand or Management on behalf of the Owner / 'Developer' acting as the "Owners' Representation"
    • Support in establishment of agreements, negotiations and discussions

    Sales and Marketing Advisory

    • Brand audit
    • Establishment of Sales and Marketing Concepts
    • Determination of Market positioning vision
    • Preparation of Sales and Marketing Plans, procedures and budgets
    • Establishment, Training, Orientation and Management of Sales and Marketing Teams
    • Determination of Price / Package Systems
    • Preparation of Briefs related to outsourced services (Agencies, PR Companies, etc.)
    • Selection of Alliances, Associations and Electronic Media

    Concierge Service

    • Customers' orders through live chat or telephone call system
    • Sharing trends and recommend product for season 'must haves'
    • Provide expert advice in trends, outfitting and product information related to company and customer fashion sense

    Estate Agent Services

    • Strong local, regional and national knowledge and coverage
    • Access to the greatest number of high value buyers
    • Skilled, trustworthy negotiators
    • State-of-the-art marketing skills
    • International coverage via extensive overseas contacts

    Automotive Sector

    • Sales representation, Restoration facilities and Spare part sourcing
    • Renting programs
    • Research & Consultation
    • Custom vehicle appraisal
    • Basic vehicle appraisal
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